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Here I occasionally post about Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices in general and PnP PowerShell more specifically.

Using an extensibility provider with the PnP Provisioning Engine

2015-08-25 2 min read PowerShell SharePoint Provisioning Engine
When you use the provisioning engine of the PnP Core project, you can provide an extensibility provider in your XML file. In order to use the Apply-SPOProvisioningTemplate cmdlet with an XML file that contains such a reference, it is important that you also load the assembly, otherwise the engine will fail to instantiate your provider and as a result, the provider will not be executed. An extensibility provider is nothing but a simple class: Continue reading

Getting started with the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices PowerShell Cmdlets

2015-08-06 4 min read PowerShell SharePoint
Update 2020-08-17: Updated post to reflect latest state Update 2018-03-14: Updated post to reflect latest state Update 2015-08-25: Updated links Update 2015-08-06: If you want to see the cmdlets in action, please check out this video on Channel 9. The Microsoft 365 PnP Powershell Cmdlets are a set of cmdlets specifically designed to provision and modify artifacts in Microsoft 365. In this way they differ a bit from the Microsoft SharePoint Online Management Shell provided by Microsoft which are mainly focused on administrative task towards SharePoint Online. Continue reading

Managing Document Sets with the OfficeDev PnP PowerShell cmdlets

2015-07-21 3 min read PowerShell SharePoint
I just released a couple of new cmdlets to manage document sets in SharePoint. While at the time of writing these cmdlets are not available in the master branch yet, you can still decide to download the dev branch from the GitHub site and compile that one. The cmdlets will be available in the master branch in the August release. The cmdlets work as described below: There are 4 cmdlets: Continue reading

Azure Active Directory Authentication with OfficeDev PnP PowerShell

2015-07-15 3 min read PowerShell Azure
This is a first post in a series of 2. See for the second post). Today I released an update to the Connect-PnPOnline cmdlet so that you can use it to create a connection using an Azure AD client ID. Notice that this release is currently (July 2015) not available in the master branch, but right now only in the dev branch. So if you want to use this right now, make sure you have the latest dev branch available. Continue reading

Azure Active Directory App Only Authentication with OfficeDev PnP PowerShell

2015-07-07 5 min read PowerShell Azure
Notice: this is the second post in a series of 2. See for the first post). If you read the first post and managed to connect succesfully to SharePoint Online with your Azure AD application client ID, you have noticed that you are prompted for a username and password. While that might be okay for incidental use, if you want to automate and/or schedule a PowerShell script this is obviously not a solution. Continue reading
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