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Here I occasionally post about Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices in general and PnP PowerShell more specifically.

Taking Modern Provisioning to the next level

2020-01-28 4 min read
I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at the SharePoint Conference 2020 in May of this year! One of the sessions I’ll be doing is about something that is close to my heart: provisioning. I’ve been working on the PnP Provisioning Engine since day one (and actually on my own provisioning engine before that), and over the years this engine has grown to be basically the de-facto standard in the SharePoint world. Continue reading

It's not only PowerShell

2019-06-24 1 min read Music
I actually do more than just writing PowerShell cmdlets for PnP or code on the PnP Provisioning Engine: I actually make music. You can find me on YouTube, Spotify, Google Music, YouTube Music and quite a few more music services. I’m slowly starting to release the music I created there, so expect more to pop up in the future. I’ve been a fan of synth music all my life, but never had the opportunity to own a ‘real’ one (for years I played on relatively simple keyboards). Continue reading

The PnP Provisioning Engine over the years. A reflection

2019-03-10 3 min read
I dare to say that the majority of developers working withing SharePoint Online have been thinking about automating their provisioning process. At least until a few years until ago. In the PnP team we noticed that too and many of us in the team had developed their own solutions to tackle the challenge of provisioning artifacts to SharePoint Online. On-premises wasn’t really an issue, as you had the SharePoint Management Shell, but there was nothing to help us in the cloud. Continue reading

Pimp your PnP PowerShell

2018-10-07 2 min read
Sometimes you would like to have a bit more context when it comes to what and where you are using PnP PowerShell. Well, actually you can, and it’s not even that complex. Have a look at the following screenshot: Notice the prompt: [/sites/demo1] C:\repos\pnp-powershell [dev ≡]> The first part of the prompt shows up when you are connected to a site. It will show the path of the site collection you connected to. Continue reading

For me it all started with...

2018-04-02 4 min read
For me it all started with this one: Commodore PET 2001 Series …standing in the corner of the mathematics classroom. I was 13 and we’re talking the early 80’s of the previous century. Yes, quite a while ago. I spent hours and hours after school sitting in that classroom with a friend. Loading programs that were supplied on the tapes and trying to figure out what this things called ‘BASIC’ is. Continue reading

Composing the ultimate Pull Request for PnP

You found an issue in one of the PnP Open Source libraries and you decided to spend some time fixing it. Great! We love your input! However, we maintain the code base in our free time. Result: there will be a delay before we can look at your submission. To give you an idea, this is the work we do to get your code in to the library, as an example I will take the PnP Sites Core repository: Continue reading

Setting up your Office 365 CDN with PnP Provisioning or PnP PowerShell

2018-03-27 2 min read PowerShell SharePoint
The upcoming build of the PnP Provisioning Engine now allows you to configure your tenant CDN settings through a template. In this short post I show you how to configure your CDN with both the PnP Provisioning Engine and PnP PowerShell PnP Provisioning While the current schema (2018-01) already supports these elements, the actual engine does not implement them yet. We will release this functionality in the April 2018 (2. Continue reading
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